Wotofo- Braided 0.3x0.6+40x32

Wotofo- Braided 0.3x0.6+40x32

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Wotofo produces prebuilt wire spools to help the vapers who enjoy building coils. Wotofo believes that vaping is all about freedom. This freedom starts with building own coil. Wotofo offers thirteen different types of coil wires to choose from. All spools contain 20 feets quality wires. Wrap coils now.

Wire Spool
This new line of quality wires are the same with our popular prebuilt coil series wires. With the prebuilt coil series getting tons of positive feedback, demand of the wires keeps rising among vapers who prefer to wrap coils all by themselves. Now there you have it! High in quality, able to be configured to the most complex coil builds, perfect for delivering massive vapor production without sacrificing the flavor.

Wire Spools to Make Coil on Own
Building your own coil provides immense satisfaction to the experienced vaper. Keeping this in mind, Wotofo has introduced a wide range of wire spools. Thirteen different wires are available and vapers may choose the coil spool according to their preferences.

Every pro vaper enjoys the freedom in building their own coils. Few like to have the coil with twists. Some vapers prefer longer wires. In order to meet the needs of vapers, Wotofo has brought forth the wotofo prebuilt wire spool each having a length of 20 Feet.

Provided here is a list of some of the top Wotofo wire spools.

This Wotofo wire collection contains 13 variations.